Degenhardts inform Rotary of their Charity Work

Posted By Diane



In this photo are Joy Degenhardt, of Saigon, Vietnam, Dawn Degenhardt of Aid for Kids and Richard Hammond, Houlton Rotarian hosting his guest speakers. Dawn and Hunk (Ed, a Houlton Rotarian have adopted and raised 9 children over their years in Houlton. Joy is one of those children. Joy lives in Vietnam and manages their charity efforts there. She recently had a great experience using her network to aid in the distribution of 2137 soccer balls to disadvantaged children in her country. The Oakland Sunrise Rotary Club in California had 6 days to distribute to 7 provinces soccer balls provided by Interact 5170 who partnered with One World Play Project and Football for Vietnam to form Kickstart Change. Joy was vacationing in Maine when the appeal came to her from Susan McKinney in California. Joy made some calls and made the distribution happen. Dawn’s distribution center in Houlton has taken on a new project call the “Other Maine” Project. Working with about 117 organizations Aid for Kids distributes donated items to children around the state. And another effort named Rotary Books for the World is providing books to South African children to help with literacy and poverty. Books that would otherwise be destroyed are saved and sent to those disadvantaged children. The Houlton Rotary Club is invited to become involved with a donation to the cause to help pay for shipping and handling of the donated goods. Recently 19 pallets from Toys for Us showed up at the distribution center in Houlton. An upcoming event in Houlton will be on September 12, 2015 at the Millar Civic Center Arena, the “Fifth Annual Educational Fair”, a terrific time for Rotarians to volunteer to help with all of the activities provided to children from 10 am to 3 pm.

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