The Rotary Storeroom is Sponsored by:

In order to provide you the best service when you are picking up your items at the storeroom, we recommend the following:
• Give your name to the storeroom clerk.
• Bring a list of your item numbers with the amount of each bid (for reconciliation with our list).
• Make checks payable to “Houlton Rotary Club” – payment must be by cash or check.
• Items must be paid for in full at the time of pick-up.

The Rotary Auction Store Room is located in Watson Hall, at the rear of the Episcopal Church on Main Street in Houlton.  The storeroom is run by Joyce Fitzpatrick and a bit of help from the Rotarians.

Call: (207) 521-5891

Store Room Hours
Saturday – November 19, 2016 CLOSED!
Monday – November 21, 2016 9am to noon  &  1pm to 10:00pm
Tuesday – November 22, 2016 9am to 1pm   &  2pm to 10:00pm
Wednesday – November 23, 2016 9am to 1pm   &  2pm to 10:00pm
Thursday – November 24, 2016 (Thanksgiving Day) 9am to 12 NOON
Friday – November 25, 2016
9am to 1pm   &  2pm to 5pm

Store Keeper – Joyce Fitzpatrick