In this photo are Rotarian Carlie Woodworth with her guest speaker and best friend Chris Mills. Mills shared with the Houlton Rotary club his journey in photography to the point of having 30 thousands shares in 28 days on Christopher A. Mills Photography. Mills spoke about his best tool in photography and that is his eyes or as the group saw his artistic vision. Mills has had terrific success with his night time photographs and he credited learning to really understand the camera and its settings as the beginning of taking exceptional photos. The cover of Our Main Street’s Aroostook magazine has used his photos on their cover. Purchases of his work can be made online at


In this photo are Rotarian Leigh Cummings with new member Clarissa Sabattis.

Sabattis is the new tribal chief for the Houlton Band of Malissets. She was born and raised in Houlton, Maine. She has worked as a public health consultant. She feels that being a Rotarian will be an avenue for becoming more involved in the area. She has lived away and feels that there is no place like home and especially to raise her 3 children with her partner Brian. Rotarian Leigh Cummings had the honor of performing the induction.


In this photo are Vice President of the Houlton Rotary Club Tracy Rockwell, Christopher Doughty of the Houlton Border port of entry and Rotarian Katie Hill who hosted Doughty. Doughty shared the history of his agency in the United States and how his career developed. He is a native of Fort Fairfield, Maine and a graduate of the University of Presque Isle. CBP stands in for the name of the United States Customs and Border Protection. He came to work in Houlton after being a border patrol agent in Arizona and was hired as assistant director. Now he manages the operation that includes Monticello and Forrest City crossings.


In this photo are President of Rotary Nate Bodenstab with guest speaker Rotarian Diane Hines. Hines shared her experience that she had attending the Rotary International Convention in Toronto June 22 through June 25, 2018. Twenty-five thousand one hundred eighty-eight Rotarians from all over the world attended the convention. Hines shared her enthusiasm over her experience and the vastness of the convention.

This year’s E-Waste Day will be on September 8, 2018. Mark this on your calendar whether you are going to work for the club or bring e-waste to add to the collection.

Contact Mac Randolph for more information.


In this photo from York’s of Houlton are Stephanie McGary, Sabra Scott, Jamie York, Dick York and Rotarian Chris Carmichael. Carmichael hosted Jamie, Dick and Stephanie and Sabra was a guest of her mother Rotarian Meg York. Dick opened the slide show with a history of the 50 years of the business since his father purchased it from Ralph Berry when it was on Bangor Street. When Dick and his brother Jerry joined in the seventies to work with their father a new location was sited on Route 1 in Houlton. Jamie joined the business in 2005 and has brought in new ideas. Jamie has not yet found his keys! But he did want to celebrate the employees and along with the slide show asked for Rotarians to guess employee names. Winners of the game were Kyle Taylor, Torrey Sylvester, Lorie Weston and Nancy Ketch.


The District Governor of 7810 Silvana Bosca visited the Houlton Rotary Club on July 16, 2018. Bosca presented her banner with the theme of “people of action” and complemented the club on their work over 98 years. Bosca recommended that the club think now about its one hundredth celebration. She also spoke about Rotary International President Barry’s message to “Be the Inspiration”. Most people who work at service above self are inspired by someone or by an event. Bosca essentially gave the club a “pep talk” to continue to do their good work and to be grateful for what each member does and to honor the work of Rotary. Bosca is to the right of the banner in white capris and a black shirt with Rotary emblems attached and appliqu├ęd.


In this photo are Rotarian Annette Beaton with her guest speaker Sheriff Darrell Crandall. Crandall shared the history of his career with the Sheriff’s Department in Houlton beginning with growing up in the jail. The house in the front of the jail was his family’s residence until he was nine years old since his father was the Sheriff and paid so little that housing was provided. The family moved out when a raise came and nine and one half years later Crandall returned to work in the jail. He advanced through the years to the job of Sheriff spending time in drug enforcement and dog handling. Crandall shared some statistics of the department’s work over the years. Crandall has made some changes to improve the department’s rating with programs that improve the prisoner’s lives for the time when they leave the jail. The Houlton jail has inmates that are there less than a year. Longer sentences are served elsewhere. Basic life skills such as making the bed in the morning, dressing for the day, brushing teeth and combing hair and eating well are taught as well as job skills and education. Crandall hopes to make better citizens of the inmates that serve time in the Houlton jail. Crandall will be retiring from his work in the next few months and was commended for his thirty years of service with a round of applause by the club members.


In this photo are Literacy Coach Janet Murikami of Houlton Elementary School, Superintendent and Rotarian Ellen Holliday, Rotarian and Volunteer Reader Paul Callnan, Rotarian and Club Literacy Team leader Tracy Rockwell, First Lady of Maine Ann LePage, Rotarian and Volunteer Reader Craig Bean, Department of Education Literacy Specialist LeeAnn Larsen, Rotarian and Literacy Team leader Linda Faucher, Rotarian Jane Torres and Rotarian and Literacy Team leader Otis Smith. Larsen and LePage each spoke to their efforts in advocating for literacy in Maine and shared some of their experiences. They highly complemented the Houlton Rotary Club’s work on Literacy in the area.

Coming up next Monday February 12, 2018 the Governor’s wife Ann LePage will visit the Houlton Rotary Club. Her topic will be the Read to Me program.