Houlton Rotary Club Members 2018


Paul Adams – Retired
Chris Anderson – F.A. Peabody
Bob Anderson – F.A. Peabody
Forrest Barnes – Barnes Law
Craig Bean – Retired
Annette Beaton – Katahdin Trust Company
Bob Blanchette – Retired
Nate Bodenstab – Nuance Communications
Tony Bowers – Bowers Funeral Home
Brenda Brown – Madigan Estates
Jim Brown – Madigan Estates
Ryan Bushey – Louisiana-Pacific
Cindy Callnan – Volunteer
Lynn Calnan – Retired
Paul Callnan – Accountant
Carmichael, Christopher – York’s of Houlton
Chase, Lloyd – Retired
Cameron Clark – Cams Lawn Care
Deb Clark – Retired (Club Secretary)
Michael Clark – Retired
Leigh Cummings – Historian
Becky Day – First Choice Real Estate
Ed Degenhardt – Aid for Kids
Dana Delano – Maine PTAC Counselor
Scott Dionne – SW Collins
Matt Donahue – Shiretown Stove
Joe Fagnant – Adult Ed. Director
Linda Faucher – Cary Library
Rob Faulkner – Key Bank
Joyce Fitzpatrick – Retired
Steven Fitzpatrick – F.A Peabody
Henry Gartley – Postmaster
Laura Geiger – Computer programmer
Travis Glatter – Military Street Baptist Church
Fred Grant – WHOU Radio
Ruba Haddad – Educator
Ellen Halliday – Superintendent MSAD 29
Richard Hammond – Ameriprise Financial Services
Jon Harbison – Harbison Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning
Katie Hill – Katahdin Trust Company
Diane Hines – Ludlow Town and Town of Reed Plantation Manager
Nancy Ketch – Town of Houlton Community Development Director
Marguerite Lawler – Retired
Lovely, Janice – Customs Broker
Max Lynds – F.A. Peabody
Darrell Malone – Retired
Jon McLaughlin – Southern Aroostook Development Corporation
Andy Mooers – Mooers Realty
Rob Moran – Community Living Association
Jackie Morse – Machias Savings Bank
Tammie Mulvey – Pleasant View Tree Farm
Frank Nataluk – Salvation Army
Matt Nightingale – Katahdin Trust Company
Ryan Cleary – Ace Rent-a-Car
Fred Putnam – Retired
Mac Randolph – Retired
Tracy Rockwell – Houlton Higher Ed Center
Clarissa Sabattis – Maliseet Tribal Chief
Roger Sherman – Maine House of Representatives
Otis Smith – Retired
Vicki Smith – Katahdin Trust Company
Mark Sperrey – Sperrey Investigation
Kyle Taylor – Branch Manager CFCU
Frank Thompson – Clinical Psychologist
Jane Torres – Greater Houlton Chamber of Commerce
Nancy West – Retired
Lori Weston – Houlton Regional Hospital Fund Raising
Scott White – Aroostook Auto Glass
Jerry Wilson – Retired
Karl Woods – General Dentistry
Carlie Woodworrth – TD Bank
Meg York – Nature’s Circle Farm