Houlton’s Animal She...

Shown here are on February 23, 2015 are Amy Hocking, President of Houlton Rotary, Heather Miller of the Houlton Animal Shelter, Kelly King of the Houlton Animal Shelter and Jane Torres, Vice President of Houlton Rotary. Heather showed a moving […]

The Carleton Project

In the photo here are Amy Hocking, Houlton Rotary president, Alan Morris, president of the Carleton Project and Robyn Crone, Houlton Rotarian. Robyn’s guest recently at Rotary was Al Morris. Al founded the Carleton Project after 20 years of teaching […]

Dolly’s Library

Shown here are James Matilla, Rotarian and Board Member of United Way, Claudia Stevens, of the United Way of Aroostook and Amy Hocking, President of Houlton Rotary. Claudia educated the Houlton Rotarians about Dolly’s Imagination Library during the February 9th […]