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Pictured are Lori Weston and Amy Hocking

Amy was the speaker today. She spoke about Bridge to Hope. Which is a wonderful organization that assist people and their families that have cancer. They give out money in different forms depending on the individuals needs. Just last week they gave out $1,00.00 dollars to local community members. Amy did a demonstration that I would suggest each of us try at some meeting or gathering in the near future. She first asked for anyone in the room that has had cancer to stand, (and remain standing) there were three, then she asked for anyone that had an immediate family member that had cancer – about half of the room stood up, next was anyone with a close friend or distant relative and well most everyone in the room was standing by that point! It is a terrible disease and obviously most of us are affected by it one way or another. Bridge to Hope give most all of its money to your neighbors, family, and friends. They do give a small percentage to research, but most stays right here, and obviously there is a need all around us! This past Saturday there was a walk which is their largest fundraising, along with sales of jewelry that Amy makes and sells at home and at all of the local craft fairs. It is not too late to donate, you can contact Amy anytime, she and the recipients will be very thankful! So in advance thank you to all of you that are going to reach out to this terrific organization and help your neighbor, friend, or family member. The following was taking off the Facebook page.


Local People raising money to help individuals in our communities fighting all types of cancer!


Our mission is to not only raise money for treatment and research but also to raise awareness of the amazing number of people in our own back yard putting up a fight against the toughest foe they will ever face.

Company Overview

In October of 2005 Cathy Kennedy organized the first “Bridge To Hope Breast Cancer Awareness Walk” though down-town Houlton. That year there were approximately 50 participants who raised over $800 which was donated to the American Cancer Society. In 2006 Cathy was joined by Kim Folsom, Dee Henderson and Marie Carmichael. Each year since then the participation has grown and the benefits to our area have been amazing. Money raised has been divided between the American Cancer Society and The Maine Cancer Foundation as well as a scholarship given to a local student. They have also been able to help local people struggling with the expenses of cancer treatment by presenting them with cash raised by the walk.

To contact them feel free to log on to Facebook page or send Amy and email: Hocking,

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