Houlton Community Arts Center – Kristen Wells

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Kristen Wells

pictured here are Lori Weston and Kristen Wells our guest speaker from the Houlton Community Arts Center.

Kristen gave us a history of where she comes from (right down the road) and where she has been, then how and why she came back to the area. Kristen went High School in Hodgdon, then moved to Southern Maine for College, she said USM was a great place to start her college years. While in Portland she met her husband. She moved on from there to Boston to obtain her Graduate, while actually living in New Hampshire. He was traveling for his job in Portland and she was traveling to school and a job in Boston. She made lots  of connections in the Art world, great people and learned a lot. Her and her husband started their family and while visit her family in Hodgdon the decided to see if this may just be where they would like to raise their family. Thankfully for us they decided it was a great idea! Kristen has worked for a few Agency’s that really helped her expand her experience and connections. She worked at Frannie Peabody Center in Portland, mostly doing fundraising. If you have not heard of them they assist people that have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, of course this interested me since where I work at CHCS we also do this but on a much smaller scale. She also worked for Catholic Charities of Maine and really helped them during a time of stillness, she gave them the idea’s and energy to get rolling again. Some of the questions they asked each other prior to making the decision to move back is – can we find work? Is there a coffee shop? Well what you know we have both! Maybe not same as where they were living but in our own Houlton/County way!

Kristen then spoke of the wonderful facility that the community has, yes I am talking about The Houlton Community Arts Center. Just this year they have had comedy shows, plays, musicals and more! If you have not experienced any of these then I say it is time to! Occasionally I will hear a person saying there is nothing to do around here…I say REALLY???? You may want to look a little closer. The Houlton Community Arts Center is located at the Houlton High School, however this NOT just for the high school, hence the name Community Arts Center. Kristen would like to know what it is that the community would like to have take place, or maybe what you think is missing or would be a good event. She will listen to any and all idea’s and greatly appreciates the community’s input and support! She mentioned the loss that we will all be feeling as Joe leaves, but is looking forward to what is coming next! Kristen mentioned that they are looking into having more free children’s programs and possibly The Nite Show  with Danny Cashman, which airs on Bangor Television station. The Center holds 600 people, 300 regular seats with 300 more available. Speaking of available, there are still Balcony seats available to purchase and get your name on, or in honor of a family, friend or even a business or pet – why not?  You can visit the website at www.houltonarts.org or like them on face book, or email her at kristen@houltonarts.org,, or give her a call at 207-619-1996. Kristen would love to hear from you so don’t be shy.

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