Backpack for Kids

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Shown in the picture (by Mike Clark) is Ryan Bushey and Moose Karnes from Backpacks for Kids

2013 has seen our program increase from serving 35-40 children to serving 40-46 children. We have had an increased interest for our program this year due to hard times with our economy. If we had the monies, we could serve up to 30-35 families. The cost to run our program, due to food cost increases, has gone up from last year by thirteen percent.

Our program is a 36 week project helping 40-46 children from 17 families with backpacks filled with food for the weekends. This is our third year for the program. With financial help from County Yankee, Houlton Rotary Club, Houlton United Methodist Church, and many single donation, we will be able to continue this needed program.

All the monies we collect go directly to the cost of the food. During the year 2012, the Backpacks for Kids program spent $10,500.

We would like to give a special thanks to Houlton Rotary and County Yankee for helping to make this program possible.

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