Membership Meeting

Posted By Fgrant

It was a stormy day on Monday; however, we had a larger crowd than expected.  There were several people who could not attend due to the weather so we took the opportunity to record Monday’s meeting for the entire club’s benefit.  Monday’s meeting was conducted by the Membership Committee and the topic was appropriately titled “Membership”.

This is an important topic for our club and we are asking that all Rotarians take an active part in expanding our membership.  To help coordinate the club, we have put together the attached document and video that outlines our request of the membership.  If you have any questions please feel free to email either Fred Grant or Mike Howard.

Need a makeup?

If you need a makeup, please read the attached document and view the video.  Once you’ve completed it, email Debbie Clark to let her know and she’ll record your makeup.  All we ask is that you include names of possible future speakers that you think would have broad appeal to Houlton business community.

Membership Handout

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