Net Neutrality and Pioneer Broadband

Posted By Diane


In this photo are Rotarian Mac Randolph with his guest speaker Tim McAfee of Pioneer Broadband. McAfee shared his view of the potential disaster the repeal of the current Net Neutrality laws would mean for consumers and small businesses like Pioneer Broadband. Terms like No Blocking, No Throttling, and No Paid Prioritization were used to describe the best parts of Net Neutrality. These would be taken away by a repeal of the current law by Congress and the FCC. Justice Scalia’s pizzeria analogy made sense of an abstract topic. ┬áIf the pizzeria does not provide delivery, who pays for the delivery and the content? A partisan issue of content versus delivery is on the table and this could affect our freedom of speech and entrepreneurship in this country. Revenue streams based on content delivery have huge potential and the price would be paid by the consumer. Briefly McAfee claims the repeal of the law would be scary for small business and bad for the consumer.

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