Breaking Ground at Houlton High School

Posted By Diane

DSC03183In the photo are Amy Hocking, President of Houlton Rotary, Shelly Bouchard, educator at Houlton High School and Julie Delano, Houlton Rotarian at the April 27, 2015 meeting.

Julie Delano invited Shelly Bouchard to speak about “Breaking Ground” , a course that she originated and teaches at Houlton High School. Shelly explained the outline of the course which has nine sections. First, the students learn to maintain and harvest crops for sustainability. Second, they learn to recognize and collect wild plant species. Thirdly, they learn to recycle and repurpose common household items such as milk cartons. Next, they have established a school-wide composting program. Fifth comes fundraising, promoting and attending public events. Sixth, the course uses student ideas and initiatives such as the name and logo of the class. Seventh, the students participate in community service programs. Eighth, the class researches commonly used farming practices such as crop rotation. And ninth, the students sample new recipes when using the harvest of their efforts. Shelly showed photos of the 22 students in action in their various jobs and activities. ┬áMore information is available by googling Breaking Ground and finding their website under Kitchen Gardeners International.


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