Historic Post cards from Henry Gartley’s Collection

Posted By Diane

DSC_0166Pictured are Amy Hocking Club President, Henry Gartley and Vice President Jane Torres

Henry was the speaker at our meeting on December 15th. He showed us some great slides of his post card collection along with a few old photos, mostly of Houlton Maine. They were very interesting, it was a great meeting as I sat there surrounded by members that had lots of memories of many of the slides that were shown it was great to listen to them reminisce of times past! I am a “transplant” to the county, I think that’s what we are called? But looking at the old slides and listening to the comments and laughter made me feel like I belonged here as well. Henry shared a couple of these slides for your enjoyment as well, I am sure he would share more with you too…but make sure you have enough time because he has a large collection and you do not want to miss any of them.  Words from, Tammy Mulvey

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