Milton Cone at Houlton Rotary

Posted By Diane

DSC_0134Pictured are Amy Hocking, Milton Cone Houlton Fire Chief guest speaker of Pete Howe. Milton informed us all that it was Fire Prevention week and the importance of this week. In his experience he has found this to be the most important part of their job, to educate children and adults on preventing fires and what to do in case a fire occurs. Milton first started as a volunteer firefighter in 1976. The Houlton Fire Department currently has 30 firefighters which adds up to over 500 years experience! Milton is also the Cemetery Director and oversees the Houlton Ambulance. We are so fortunate in this area because Houlton is never looking for more firefighters people are always trying to get on the team, a big thank you to all of them! Milton also wanted to thank all the business that support the fire department. He discussed the use of smoke alarms and carbon detectors. , he said that the best ones are wired into your home with battery back up and to always check your alarms and change the battery’s as needed. 62% of homes either have no alarm or one that is not working, If you have a working alarm you have 50% less chance dying. In a “dream” world everyone would have sprinklers, you now can hook up a six sprinkler system fairly inexpensive to install but please have it done by a professional. The most often cause of home fires are: furnace, electric box, woodstove, dryers and the kitchen many of these can be reduced tremendously by having them cleaned or a having them inspected on a regular basis. One thing that can be done with your dryer is look down into the “fuzz” catcher (my term not Milton’s) and also to take the hose off and check for any back up. Also he mentioned the importance of following the manufacturer directions on all units, but especially as it gets colder on your heaters. Many people use smaller heaters in area’s that really are not safe, protect yourself and I say put on another layer of clothes instead of risking a fire. The Houlton Rotary Club would like to give a big thank you to the Houlton Fire & Ambulance, you do a great job and we appreciate it!

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