Bob Blanchette and his Computers and Technological Journey

Posted By Diane

DSC_0106-1Rotarians Amy Hocking, President and Bob Blanchette

Bob shared his journey with technology recently at Houlton’s Rotarian luncheon which began during his days at WHOU. Bob had great stories and showed images of the various equipment that he has used over the years. He also had great advice about the use and protection surrounding today’s technological world. Pass word protection is extremely important considering the attacks on our privacy by savvy “pirates” (my word). Bob is not too fond of Apple products and knowing the handicaps of my computer, I can understand this viewpoint. Still Bob was careful in educating all of us on all of the choices out there and there are plenty to fit everyone’s individual needs. Everyone appreciated Bob’s enthusiasm and expertise on a subject that is near and dear to his heart. ┬áRespectfully submitted, DH

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