Student Recognition Lunch 2014

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May 19th was our Annual Student Recognition luncheon for local students. Houlton Rotary Clubs awards a school each year for their outstanding community service, this years recipients were the students shown here from East Grand School, with their  principal Dawn Matthews.

This years guest speaker was our very own Margaret York Scott, with a guest of her own Rebecca Waite. Both speakers were very inspirational and encouraging. They spoke on believing in yourself and perseverance, that at times you may think you are headed in one direction and then you are taken down another and that it is ok to know where you are planning on going or not either way it takes a lot of hard work and determination! Right now most of the students are probably thinking I cant wait to get out of this town, there is nothing to do here…right? Well that may be true in some senses, but you can take these two ladies advice when they “went away” but found them self back here, you make the life you have by choices and again a lot of hard work. Some may go away and only come back to visit and be content with that and it is perfectly fine, how ever there will be some coming back or maybe never leaving that can make an extremely wonderful life for themselves right here in the County. There are more options here than what many may see up front, but with a little creativity and searching you find the “hidden” treasures that we have here at home.

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