Ronald McDonald House of Bangor

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Ronald McDonald House Bangor

Lori Weston, Darlene MacLeod, our Executive Director, Deandra Briggs Manager of Advancement Services

The Ronald McDonald House of Bangor has helped numerous families of children that have medical needs that keep them at or near a Hospital in the Bangor area. All Ronald McDonald House’s are run solely on donations, the Global Organization is an Administrative entity only, and even though it serves a good purpose it does not provide funding to any of the houses including the one that most of may have to use. The house has a few paid staff and the rest are all volunteers, and wonderful volunteers at that! They give of time and money to help the families feel at home while they stay there. Some families have the need to just stay a day or two and others need an extended stay. They can stay as long as the child is receiving treatments. In 2012 they served 314 families, 42% of families are they due to prenatal care. You may wonder how many people from Aroostook? Well 40% of all families served are from Aroostook County, 14% from Penobscot County, 15% from Washington County and 31% from other Counties. So if you were wondering how does this effect me, you may have a friend, neighbor or even family member that has needed to use the house at 40% from Aroostook it is a pretty sure bet you know some one that has need their service. Because it is all funded by donations they need your help, you could make a donation yourself or have a fundraising event to help, for more information please call, visit their website, or send a check to: 207-942-9003,, Ronald McDonald House 654 State St. Bangor Maine, 04401. They have an ongoing wish list on their website for possible donations that are needed for the House like cleaning items etc. so check them out on facebook or their website.


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