Captain Steve Pearl

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Captain Steve Pearl was our guest speaker on 12/03/2012. The Houlton Salvation Army first started in 1889.  The Salvation Army is an international Church currently in 126 country’s. As most people have heard it is the annual Kettle drive, which for the Houlton Salvation Army brings in 15 – 20% of their annual budget. Salvation Army is a mission based church that preaches and practices Christ’s word to help meet peoples needs without prejudice. They assist people with food, clothing, utilities and other needs that arise. Major Erma Pearl sits with each individual and goes over a budget with them to assist as needed and hold them accountable for their own budget. The local store has all kinds of good items to be purchased! Clothing is their top seller here in Houlton which is 70-75% of all store sales. They accept any item in GOOD condition. It is very important for people to know that what they can not sell they do have to pay to have taken away to the dump so please donate, but remember it needs to be in good condition. The Salvation Army is always looking for furniture and larger items, they do not have a way to pick up items but will gladly take them if you can bring them to the store. When you give locally it stays locally other than 10% that is given to the main office. Currently the food bank is in good shape, however after the holidays are over many tend to forget that there is still a need so their shelves get low in January. So please remember them not just during the holidays but throughout the year. Many of us at one time maybe even right now know the feeling of not being sure where the next meal is coming from or how we are going to heat our home next week. So please if you are currently not in that position, than you have a little extra to give to someone that is. The local Salvation Army is a wonderful organization that supports any and all that are in need. The Houlton Rotary Club will be ringing the bells on Friday December 14th and Saturday December 15th. Hope to see you there!

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