Maine Criminal Justice Academy

Posted By Fgrant

Our guest speaker for this past Monday September 10 was John Rogers, Director of the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. The Academy is located in Vassalboro Me. Through out the United States there are 648 Academy’s, with one in Maine. All Law enforcement are trained together. The cost for the Maine Criminal Justice Academy is about half of most other states, one reason for that is they do not pay the instructors, the students become the teachers. The Flagship training is 4.5 months and is broken into three categories first is the Education which covers the laws, second hands on: driving, shooting, fingerprints etc. third is scenario based: putting it all together. They do go through a lot of stress training which helps prevent less injuries and deaths. They learn how to be a leader, many officers in Maine are out their on their own and need to know how to take the lead. So if you want to be in Law Enforcement how difficult or easy is it to ¬†get in the door? Harder than most would think, in the most recently graduated class 94 had applied and 61 were accepted. During the training it is typical to loose 5 – 10% for various reasons. Maine is the only state that you can loose your Certification for Conduct, most states you must be convicted of a Felony. Maine has very high standards for its Law Enforcement Agents. The most common areas seen in Maine for Agents to loose their certification is for Domestic Violence and Alcohol use like OUI.

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