Time to Harvest!

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Rotarian, Dale Flewelling, has started a fantastic project to help feed our area’s hungry, especially the elderly in our community with locally raised vegetables!  His idea was this: let’s use land that isn’t being used and grow food for those who need to be fed!  We’ve got ample land in Northern Maine and we have many people who are hungry and can’t afford fresh vegetables.


This year Dale and his group, Friends of Aroostook, have planted close to 2 acres of land to support our hungry neighbors and the gardens are BOOMING!!  Take a look at these pictures:

So, it’s time to harvest and we need pickers!  This Saturday, July 17th we will be picking from 9am to 5pm at the Linneus  garden which is located just after you pass the Ruth Road and just before you get to Grammy’s Country Kitchen.  You’ll know it’s the field because there is a HUGE Friends of Aroostook sign in front of the field.

  • What are we picking? – Peas and Beans!
    What do I bring? –  A container to collect what you pick (Tupperware box, basket, plastic dish pan, etc)
  • Who Can Pick? Anyone including kids!
  • Will someone be there to show us what to do? YES! Dale will be there all day!
  • Can we take some home with us? YES, please do!
  • How long should I plan for? How about an hour!  Stay longer if you would like!
  • Where are we picking? The Linneus field which is on the Bangor Rd. just past the Ruth Rd. and right before you get to Grammy’s Country Kitchen!
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